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Nobility is defined as “possessing the quality to be morally good.”  Being noble isn’t always easy. It’s the type of person we’d all like to be. Going about your day with a selfless character and a kind heart. It feels good to be noble. gives you the perfect opportunity to practice nobility every week. Donating to charity can get sort of anonymous at times. Most of the time, you don’t get to see a direct impact because you often don’t know exactly where your donations are going. With, we allow you to see exactly WHO you are donating to.Here’s how it works: We accept submissions for charities. Whether it is to benefit one person or a whole community, we happily accept all good-hearted submissions. We thoroughly review every entry when we make our selection and learn as much as we possibly can about the cause. Each week, we select a group or organization in need of some help and feature them as the spotlight of that week. During the course of those seven days, we showcase a variety of wearables designed in relation to that organization available for purchase.Where does the artwork come from?  Well, not only are we accepting charity submissions, we are also accepting artwork submissions. We select an artist each week to be featured on the website with their custom artwork on the apparel. We take every submission very seriously and only select top quality and highly fashionable designs. By featuring the selected artist on the home page each week, we create exposure for that artist and spread their great work! For every product sold, the charity receives $8.00 and the artist receives $2.00. All products are produced and shipped the week after the campaign ends.